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Joe A. Ross School

“Where Eagles Soar High”

Box 10160
Opaskwayak, MB
R0B 2J0

Phone: (204) 623-4286
Fax: (204) 623-4442

Email: cm@joeaross-school.ca

JARS News...

JARS Peer Mediation Training Workshop

Students from Joe A Ross School grades ranging from 6 to 12 participated in a Peer Mediation training workshop at the Martha Constant Parish Hall on OCN October 10 and 11 th, 2007 .  There were a total of 23 students, involved with the assistance from a few staff members.  The facilitator for the training was Mr. Adrian Challis from Winnipeg who founded a non profit organization called Mediation Services and who operates his own services called Facilitated Solutions which work together closely.  Mr. Challis is the senior facilitator, mediator and trainer there in Winnipeg and was called upon to come into our community to help with the school's plan to having a more safe, non-violent and positive school environment in and out of the facility.  Mr. Challis was also brought up a few years ago to train staff as a first step towards this reduction of violence within the school planning.

Peer Mediation involves students being trained as mediators where they can be called upon by administration if such conflicts  like bullying, misunderstandings, potential fights or  any type of disagreement or arguments arise within the school and need to be addressed and dealt with before they get out of hand.  The students received certificates for their efforts and will now commence in helping their peers and the school. The training can also be a positive add towards their resume and portfolios as students.  A similar program called "Conflict Managers" will commence soon which will involve elementary grades from 4 to 6.  They go out into the play ground to help, but more of this later to come.  Congratulations to all students who participated and remember that "Conflict equals Opportunity ".  Special thanks to Ida Moore , Lorraine Genaille, Renee Carriere , Tina Cook-Martin for all their help in this training.

Students: TJ Constant, Dallas Packo, Brandee Swampy, Corral Constant, Mary Sayese, Devon Henderson, Jordan Fontaine, Quinn Constant, Karalee Constant, Whitney Constant, Ryan Ross, Brooke Personios, Kassia Constant, Gerald Cooper, Neena Young, Cynthia Young (parent),  Kirsten Delorme, Joseph Bignell, Faren Slawson, Avery Constant, Jenna Brown, Victor Campbell, Kevin Personios.

Sherwin Moore

About Us:

Joe. A. Ross School (JARS) is a school that displays an architectural approach to an aboriginal concept and design. JARS is in this fourteenth (14) year of operation. We continue to enroll nearly 800 students from Kindergarten to Senior 4 (Grade 12). We employ a staff of eighty who serve the Opaskwayak Cree Nation and the Swampy Cree Tribal Council communities (Band sponsored Senior Years students). This year we welcome some new staff to our community and school.

Through an English academic program, graduates from Joe A. Ross School prepare to enter university or community college. We deliver a Co-operative Education Program that enables some to go directly into the world of work once they graduate. We also provide cultural education through language programming and outdoor/northern ecology education from K-12.

This year we have many additional programs to support students and staff: Virtues Character Building Program, GO Program – Goal setting and Life Skills Program, Bridges Programs- Internet and computer based career interest and information planning, Computerized Cree Language programs, Reading and Math Recovery Programs, as well as SuccessMaker Basic Skills Development Lab for Kindergarten to Grade 9.

The school building continues to be maintained with pride and care. We have well equipped Mathematics and Science Labs, two computer labs and a portable computer lab. Joe A. Ross School Library and Resource Centre is building on present resources, however, we are in the process of transition as we await word on the new school building. The Counselling Centre has current educational and career information. Three counsellors are available to assist students with personal, educational, or career exploration and decision-making.

Joe A. Ross School also continues to offer a wide variety of co-curricular activities to appeal to most students. Music, intramural and competitive team sports, clubs, student council, social activities and field trips are an important part of the school and involve a large number of students and staff.

Our goals are clear: to use available space, resources, and teaching and learning strategies to develop the best possible education system for the youth of Opaskwayak.

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